Your Age Doesn’t Have to Dictate Your Artery Health

19245338 - mature couple smiling and embracingThe collision of health and technology has made it increasingly easier for men and women to fight unwanted effects of aging and retain a more youthful quality of life, even in old age. Botox can make wrinkles disappear, stem cell therapy can heal aching joints, and innovative medications can keep pesky medical conditions under control. It’s even possible for a senior citizen to maintain clear, healthy blood vessels that resemble those of a vibrant 20-year-old.

The Vital Role of Blood Vessels in the Body

Blood vessels are responsible for transporting blood throughout the entire body, so they are absolutely essential to survival. These hollow tubes form an intricate network to ensure that blood can deliver nutrients and oxygen to every part of the body, then remove waste from the cells as well. Arteries, veins, and capillaries are all types of blood vessels that serve specific purposes. Arteries, for example, carry blood away from the heart, while veins transport blood into the heart.

When Blood Vessels Become Compromised

When blood vessels become damaged in any manner, blood is unable to move through the body as effectively as it should. Atherosclerosis is one common disease in which cholesterol and fat accumulate inside the walls of the arteries and limit blood flow. Blood clots might also form in the veins, further inhibiting strong blood flow. As blood pressure and cholesterol increase, strong blood vessel function decreases and the incidence of disease surges.

Staying Healthy At Any Age

Though healthy blood vessels aren’t as obvious to the naked eye as wrinkle-free skin, maintaining clear and strong blood vessels should remain a priority for all men and women as they age. The same guidelines that resolve so many other health conditions eating right, exercising, and staying trim significantly contribute to sustained blood vessel health. This is why heart disease is often called a lifestyle disease. Anybody who stays active, eats wisely, stops smoking, and keeps blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar within range can enjoy the benefits of young and rejuvenated blood vessels at any age.  

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