4 Important Things to Know about Internal Medicine

heart-murmurAs hard as we try to remain healthy and active, illness has a tendency to strike when least expected. If you find yourself facing a serious medical issue, an internal medicine physician is best equipped to provide the comprehensive care that you need. Known as internists, these doctors specialize in preventing, diagnosing, and treating chronic diseases while also promoting and supporting ongoing health.

The Role of Internists in Medical Care

Internists spend many years undergoing the training and education needed to become experts in their fields. A minimum of seven years in medical school and postgraduate training, with at least three of those years dedicated to studying complex adult diseases, leave internists prepared to handle the full spectrum of disease. Furthermore, at least half of internal medicine residents complete a one to four year fellowship in order to study a subspecialty like genetics, rheumatology, cardiology, infectious disease, and sports medicine.

Because internists are experts in disease and illness, they are often known as the “doctor’s doctor,” and they are relied upon for professional advice and support by many other types of specialty doctors. Overall, internists are trusted for their extensive knowledge and skill in diagnosing and treating diseases.

Internists Solve the Puzzle

An internist can truly be a lifesaver, because all internists are specifically trained to solve diagnostic puzzles that leave others baffled. Chronic illness and severe health problems often are not what they seem, and internists utilize their extensive knowledge and experience to determine the exact problem and best solution.

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