Would You Recognize a Heart Attack In Action?

Heart attacks are usually portrayed as deadly events that cause a person to fall down on the floor unconscious, but the truth is that heart attacks usually occur subtly. In fact, many men and women don’t realize their symptoms indicate a heart attack is in progress.

Since men and women can experience different signs, it’s important to become familiar with heart attack symptoms and recognize when you need to seek medical attention. The ability to interpret your heart attack symptoms could save your life!

Heart Attacks in Men

Men have a statistically higher risk of suffering a heart attack than women, as well as a higher risk of having heart attacks earlier in life than women. Certain factors like family history of heart disease, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity increases the risk even more.

Overall, men can recognize an oncoming heart attack from the following symptoms:

Heart Attacks in Women

It was long believed that women experienced the same heart attack symptoms as men, but research now shows that women frequently suffer from very different signs for more than a month before the heart attack occurs:

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