Your Age Doesn’t Have to Dictate Your Artery Health

The collision of health and technology has made it increasingly easier for men and women to fight unwanted effects of aging and retain a more youthful quality of life, even in old age. Botox can make wrinkles disappear, stem cell therapy can heal aching joints, and innovative medications can keep pesky medical conditions under control.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

What’s the Truth about Cheese?

It has been said that cheese is equally as addictive as certain drugs, and cheese lovers would agree! However, due to its saturated fat content, cheese has long been as a risk to heart health. Researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and Copenhagen University in Denmark recently sought to determine the true impact ofContinue ReadingContinue Reading

What Does Your Blood Type Say about Your Heart Health?

Do you know your blood type? Many Americans don’t, but it turns out that your blood type could play a major role in your overall heart health. In fact, recent research suggests that people with A, B, and AB blood types might actually be at greater risk of cardiovascular events than people with O bloodContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Indulge in These Superfoods This Summer

Summer is a time of hot weather, vacations, and lazy nights, but it can also be the perfect opportunity to improve your eating habits and help your body feel healthier than it has in years. Heart disease is deadly, but that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable. In addition to exercising regularly, cutting out poor lifestyle choices,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

What’s Your Energy Drink Doing to Your Heart?

Most people would agree that pushing through the day with enough energy is a difficult task. Many of us struggle with fatigue from the time we roll out of bed until the time we collapse back on our pillows. Coffee used to be the only pick-me-up used to stimulate more energy and overcome exhaustion, butContinue ReadingContinue Reading

4 Important Things to Know about Internal Medicine

As hard as we try to remain healthy and active, illness has a tendency to strike when least expected. If you find yourself facing a serious medical issue, an internal medicine physician is best equipped to provide the comprehensive care that you need. Known as internists, these doctors specialize in preventing, diagnosing, and treating chronicContinue ReadingContinue Reading

For a Steep Price, High Risk Heart Attack Patients Can Save Their Own Lives

For about $200 per year, people struggling with high cholesterol are currently able to obtain generic formulations of Lipitor, the statin drug that helps to control cholesterol. Statins are responsible for keeping cholesterol levels under control for countless Americans, but for some patients who have already had a heart attack or have been diagnosed withContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Managing Your High Cholesterol without Medication: Is It Possible?

Having high cholesterol isn’t an unusual health condition, but it’s a dangerous one nonetheless. Cholesterol is a thick, waxy substance that occurs naturally in the fats in your blood. Though some cholesterol is actually essential to your body’s ability to build healthy cells, other “bad” cholesterol has a tendency of accumulating in your blood vessels.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Is There a Link between Heart Disease and Dementia?

A new study from the American Stroke Association has established an association between heart disease risk factors in middle age and the increased risk of dementia in later years. While not necessarily surprising considering the many established links between the heart and the brain, this revelation is nonetheless significant for cardiologists, neurologists, and patients alike.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

A Closer Look at Exercise and Its Impact on the Heart

It’s no secret that regular exercise is one of the more vital elements of a healthy lifestyle, but it’s a relatively newer idea that patients with weak hearts can benefit from physical activity as well. In fact, exercise guidelines for heart attack patients didn’t even emerge until about 70 years ago. Before then, even movingContinue ReadingContinue Reading