3 Important Questions About Cholesterol You Need Answered

How much do you really understand about your cholesterol? You know that high cholesterol is bad, but do you know how cholesterol influences your body or how to prevent future damage? Make sure you brush up on these important cholesterol questions. You owe it to your heart!

Why Is LDL Cholesterol Bad?

Cholesterol exists in the body in two main forms: LDL and HDL. HDL cholesterol is often known as the “good” cholesterol because it supports lower levels of LDL or “bad” cholesterol. LDL cholesterol builds up and forms plaque in the arteries.

Your arteries are responsible for transporting oxygenated blood to and from your heart, which means that high levels of LDL cholesterol make the arteries too narrow. This is a serious problem that leads to atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, and other dangerous diseases.

What Is a Good HDL Level?

A healthy HDL level should stay above 60 mg/dL. HDL cholesterol serves many important roles in the body:

  • Helps produce sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone
  • Helps produce cortisol, the stress hormone
  • Helps produce vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium
  • Exists in bile to digest foods

HDL cholesterol also reduces the amount of LDL cholesterol in the body. It actually removes DL cholesterol from the walls of the arteries and transports it for disposal in the liver.

How Can You Lower Your Cholesterol Fast?

Your LDL and total cholesterol levels should stay low. If your total cholesterol exceeds 199 mg/dL or your LDL cholesterol exceeds 100 mg/dL, you may want to take measures to lower your cholesterol quickly. Fortunately, there are many easy and natural ways to lower your cholesterol without relying on medication:

  • Stop eating trans fats like fried foods, baked goods, and margarine
  • Drop 10 pounds to lower your LDL cholesterol by up to 8%
  • Exercise more than two hours per week
  • Add fiber, fish, nuts, and olive oil to your diet
  • Quit smoking

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